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The NaturalA streamlined, sturdy, lightweight table to suit places of any size


An elegant, contemporary table handmade in Melbourne from Australian hardwood, ideal for living spaces of all sizes and available in a range of locally-sourced timbers and finishes.

What’s so special about The Natural? Notes on its design.

I wanted to combine all the best bits of furniture making into one design.

Then tailor that design into sizes for individual spaces. The result has become The Natural table. I’ve jokingly referred to it as the kind of table that reminds you of Robert Redford in his mid career: handsome, classic, blonde. I drew from some aspects of Danish design and tried to lead the conversation into a modern Australian landscape.

The fact is that most people don’t live in giant New York style loft apartments.

There is a fantastic move towards vibrant, medium-density living and I have tried to keep this in mind whilst developing the design. People have responded to the warmth of the table, and having seen it in a range of settings, this seems to travel with The Natural.

These are not tables by the acre.

I know some brilliant makers of giant furniture but I have specifically tried to do something different. The Natural is functional in both its weight and finish.  I’ve also been conscious to keep the price in line with normal life.

It’s light on its feet.

People love the angled legs and how they seem to meet the floor so gently.

Stylish as it is, it’s not a show pony.

I’ve kept the height of the rails on The Natural as minimal as possible from an engineering point of view. Because let’s face it, people need to cross their legs comfortably under a table.

I think the way we use our homes and spaces has changed.

So the table has become very much a multi functioning platform for all of life’s day to day activity.  The Natural has responded to this.  The Super Natural with its thicker top has taken it one step further.

People seem to enjoy living around these tables as much as I enjoy making them.

I hope you will, too.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0439 356 553.

Sime Nugent Furniture

diagram showing The Natural Table sizes for 2015

The Natural

An elegant, contemporary table handmade in Melbourne from Australian hardwood.  Ideal for living spaces of all sizes. Available in a range of locally-sourced timbers.

  • Pony 4 seater – 1200 x 600 – from  $2200
  • Petite 6 seater – 1600 x 800 – from $2400
  • Classic 6 seater – 1800 x 800 – from $2500
  • Petite 8 seater – 2100 x 800 – from $2800 
  • Classic 8 seater – 2400 x 900 – from $3000

The Supernatural

A supersized version of The Natural, with slightly wider legs and rails and a thicker top, for extra strength over it’s huge, elegant span.

  • Price on enquiry

Custom sizes are also available

Need The Natural made to measure?  The design works in just about any dimension.  Contact us for an estimate on 0439 356 553.

Our pricing

Pricing between individual tables varies with the material and finish selected. The prices shown here are for tables made using Australian hardwoods and finished in tung oil.

Delivery can be arranged – please ask us for a quote for bringing your table to you.

Download the Natural Size and Price Guide

Brochure (6Mb pdf)